Web Quests!

Choose one of the sites below to complete your web quest with your partner.  Do as much as you can and do it well.

Complete the web quest of your choice by clicking on each tab from top to bottom and reading the background information and instructions entirely.  This is a self-directed activity.

•Stories of Immigration: http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=157792
Periods 2, 6, and 7:
Follow the instructions below:
  1. Choose one of the articles below and read it thoroughly:
  2. Write a 1 paragraph summary of the article.
  3. Next, write 1 paragraph explaining your thoughts on the article.
  4. On Google News, CNN News, or another reputable news source, find another article about the same topic.
  5. Create a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the two articles.

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