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Visit any of the links below, read an article or watch a video, and post your thoughts about it here.  Please post your responses in the form of a BCR (Brief Constructed Response).

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N.W. 8th Period

“Chance Discoveries: Post-it Notes” from http://science360.gov/obj/video/c61eb5b0-f1cd-4b49-a8dd-8b05a5b8e063/chance-discoveries-post-notes

The video, “Chance Discoveries: Post-it Notes” from Science 360 illustrated an example of how sometimes a mistake is actually another opportunity.  Mr.Spencer Sillver, a scientist at 3M was trying to create a stronger adhesive, but in his experiments, accidentally created a very low-tack adhesive.  A few years later, Mr. Silver’s colleague Mr. Arthur Fry found how to use the adhesive and Post-it Notes were born.  In fact, many key scientific discoveries came about by accident.  Imagine life without anti-biotics.  Many more people would die of infections.  Luckily, thanks to penicillin, millions of people’s lives have been saved.  I learned in my science class that this was created by accident.  Though it is said that others discovered it before him, Alexander Fleming recognized how a blue mold growing on bread could be used to treat wounds.  In Georgia history, I found out that Coca-Cola was another accidental invention.  A pharmacist named John Pemberton was actually trying to create a cure for headaches and now it is one of the top soft drinks in the world.

Accidents like the creation of the Post-it Note, penicillin, and Coca-Cola remind me that if sometimes we don’t find exactly what we were looking for, but end up finding something far better.  Just imagine if Spencer Silver did make that extremely tacky adhesive.  Post-it notes wouldn’t exist.  I certainly cannot imagine my life without those.

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